Carpal Tunnel Pain

The carpal tunnel in your wrist is formed by a row of bones on the bottom and a ligament across the top. Through this tunnel travels a nerve, tendons and blood vessels. Anything that causes a reduction in the space in the tunnel will cause pressure on the nerve and blood vessels causing pain, pins and needles and numbness. What can cause a reduction in the space? Swelling of the tendons due to repetitive usefluid retention during pregnancy, arthritis causing bony spurs which may cause an impingement. This may happen in one hand or both hands

Treatment usually starts with identifying what is causing the pressure on the nerve.

carpal tunnel
Lady with Colles fracture in cast

Colles Fracture

Most wrist problems we encounter are rehabilitation after breaks. The most common wrist break is the Colles’  fracture (break of the radius). This is treated with or without surgery and with some time in a plaster cast. After the plaster cast is removed you are left with a stiff sore and weakened wrist. With physiotherapy we help you improve the movement in your wrist and give you exercises to improve the strength of your muscles around your wrist.


The other problems we see is tendonitis of the tendons around your wrist. This commonly occurs in new mums who are constantly picking up their babies. It is also seen in people who have a job that involves repetitive movement. Physiotherapy can help by reducing the inflammation and teaching you safer techniques when undertaking these actions.

Girl with Tendonitis