Most headaches are caused by stiff or inflamed joints in you neck and are known as cervicogenic headaches. Tension at the top of the neck can spread up into the head, temples, forehead and behind the eyes. In contrast, migraines are different, originating mostly from one side of the head, and characterised by throbbing, pain, sensitivity to light and often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Migraine treatment is another topic altogether, however, these questions can help differentiate the cause of your pain:

  • Does your headache come from your neck?
  • Do you also have lightheadedness/dizziness/nausea?
  • Is your headache one-sided?
  • Does your headache worsen with neck movements?
  • Is your headache associated with neck pain?
  • Does it ease with pressure applied to the base of your head?

At Whittens Physiotherapy Centre we we will be able to determine whether your headache is related to your neck. Treatment includes stretches, mobilisations of the neck joints, soft tissue massage, postural advice and exercises to alleviate neck related headaches.

migraine treatment