Neck Pain

After lower back pain, neck pain is the second most common complaint we see here at Whittens Physiotherapy Centre. There are many causes of neck pain that include injury such as whiplash and wear and tear from arthritic changes and postural reasons. This includes the way we sit in front of the computer, how we relax in front of the tv and how we sleep.

Whiplash affects many of the structures in your neck including ligaments, muscles and joints. Treatment includes reducing inflammation, restoring movement in the neck joints and strengthening the muscles around the joints.

Arthritis affects the integrity of the joints and makes them stiffer and painful. We treat this by gentle mobilisations, stretches and exercises to maintain as much movement as we can. We will teach you management techniques to reduce the impact of various activities on the joints.

Posture or incorrect posture has a huge effect on the joints of the neck including the surrounding muscles and ligaments. We see many people who work in front of computers all day who sit incorrectly and place excess pressure on the different structures. This can lead to inflammation of the joints which can also lead to headaches. Treatment of this includes educating you on correct sitting postures and how your computer should be set up.

Man having neck pain