The main conditions we see and treat are arthritic changes leading to knee pain and weakness and sporting or activity related injuries.

Osteoarthritis commonly affects knees. It results in wear and tear of the cartilage and the joint of the knee. This results in localised knee pain and a subsequent weakness around the knee. Treatment for this includes decreasing the stiffness around your knee and working on strengthening the muscles that support your knee. We can also use effective taping techniques to help this process.

The most common sporting injuries to knees we see are torn ligaments (ACL and medial or lateral ligaments) and damaged cartilage. These happen during high impact (football, rugby) or high velocity sports (skiing, snowboarding). Treatment for these injuries include a correct diagnosis, decreasing the swelling, restoring the movement in the joint then strengthening the muscles in an exercise specific manner so that you return to your chosen sport as soon as possible.

Knee Pain