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Winter sports


Hello and welcome to our autumn edition. The weather is turning and as a result so do our activities and lifestyles to accommodate. As we lead into winter we may need to look at how we prepare for our activities and maybe look at alternatives if we are a little shy of the cooler darker…

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Strength Training

Seniors and Exercise

Hello and welcome to our summer edition. I hope everyone has had a lovely festive time and enjoying the summer and holidays if you are having these. Summer is a great time for getting fit and healthy and it inspires many people to tone and strengthen up. This leads us to the topic of this…

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Physiotherapy assessment applied to man as one of the services provided by whittens physiotherapy doncaster

Winter already!!! I know we probably can’t complain as we did have an extended warmer period but it seems we bypassed Autumn and went head first into Winter. Enough about the weather! This newsletter is dedicated to the shoulder. The shoulder is a complex joint that terrifies a lot of new physio graduates. The reason…

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Osteoarthritis of the knee (and other joints)

Knee strengthening exercises

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately, about arthritis and exercising and the importance of exercising. This has not been a new discovery (as most patients who have seen me would testify to) however, there has been more research to back us up on this. Often with osteoarthritic joints there is…

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Footy injuries

footy injuries

Elite footy teams start preseason training very early, most in November. There is a reason for this. If we stop exercising we lose the benefits of this very quickly (I always feel I lose it much faster than I gain it!!). It is thought that changes in our muscles happen after only 2 weeks of…

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Summer Injuries

plantar fasciitis

One of the most common problems we see with feet in Summer is plantar fasciitis. This is usually felt as heel pain. It is usually worse in the morning, when you first place your foot to the ground or after a period of rest. The plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue that…

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Seniors and exercise

Seniors and Exercise

There are many misconceptions and myths about ageing and exercise. Many seniors over 65 years of age think they need to slow down and not overdo it. They feel that they may hurt themselves and therefore significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of exercise. It is thought that only one in ten Australians over the…

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